The Sweet Rom-Com ‘Good Morning Call’ Is Great For The Season

Heart-pounding dramas and thought-provoking comedies are great, and there’s a surplus of excellent ones in 2017. However, sometimes you just want to curl up and watch a sweet and corny rom-com. If that’s what you’re in the mood for, then Good Morning Call is worth checking out.

Based on the manga of the same name, the Japanese live action series follows Nao (Haruka Fukuhara), a junior high student who convinces her father to let her rent an apartment after he moves to the country. There’s just one problem — the apartment Nao is supposed to rent is already occupied by a popular student in her school, Hisashi (Shunya Shiraishi). The duo have to learn to live together and in the process perhaps fall in love.

Good Morning Call certainly isn’t ground-breaking television. There are all sort of insane plots that would be dismissed as being too ridiculous in real life but are somehow acceptable in anime and anime adaptations. However, there’s something sweet about a show completely dedicated to one little romance. There’s a sincerity to several Eastern romance stories that the cynical rom-coms of the West can’t really compete with. Sure, on a shot for shot level, shows like Love, You’re the Worst, and Easy are far more entertaining rom-coms. But sometimes you don’t want moody couples pretending like they hate each other. You want something light, comforting, and fun.

And what better season is there for light, sweet, and romantic entertainment than the winter holiday season? Hallmark Channel practically built its brand off of romance stories like these. If you’re in the mood for a low-stakes, silly romance this winter and you don’t mind subtitles, give Good Morning Call a chance. You’ll quickly know whether or not the cheery show is for you.


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